Avoid the 5 Most Costly Unemployment Pitfalls at Your Nonprofit – Complimentary Webinar

Monday, November 23, 2015

USTUnemployment Services Trust (UST), an LSA Preferred Business Partner, offers a complimentary webinar on demand for LSA members to learn more about how to manage unemployment taxes and potential savings for your organization.

With $38 million in potential unemployment cost liability mitigated last year for over 2,000 nonprofits, it’s possible your organization could be overpaying.

Having been a dedicated partner of the Unemployment Services Trust (UST) since 1999, LSA is pleased to offer exclusive access to a short webinar, which identifies the five most hazardous unemployment pitfalls that could be costing your nonprofit organization thousands of dollars.

Watch the webinar on-demand at www.chooseust.org/webinars and learn more about how UST protects organizations like you from overpaying for unemployment liability while keeping you updated on the latest HR best practices.

In 2014, UST identified more than $620,000 in unemployment claims cost savings for participating LSA members.

If you’re a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with 10 or more employees,  get a free two-year savings projection to find out how much you could save with UST. Fill out your Savings Evaluation at http://ww2.chooseust.org/lp/2015/lsa.html.

Unemployment Services Trust provides services for nonprofits related to unemployment matters; UST members are usually eligible to save 50% off their unemployment taxes their first year of participation in the Trust. A typical member continues to save approximately 30%.

Contact: Cheryl Jones

More information about the Preferred Business Partners program for LSA members:

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