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Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Congress Moving Forward with Legislation Tied to Pandemic Crisis

Although the House of Representatives is not yet back in session, work continues in both chambers on the next large coronavirus relief bill. The House is currently taking the lead on this measure, known as CARES 2.0, on which Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she wants to move relatively quickly. Lawmakers in both chambers are also working on several other pieces of legislation, including bills that would add forgivable loans for nonprofits with over 500 employees to the mid-sized lending program created under the CARES Act, expand the employee retention tax credit from the CARES Act to help further reduce layoffs, and grant the Treasury Department authority to distribute block grants to more than 1,000 state and local governments, which would in turn dispatch those grants to nonprofits.

Federal Reserve Considering How to Include Nonprofits in “Main Street Lending” Program

The Federal Reserve Board, together with the Treasury Department, has recently issued new guidance for the “Main Street Lending” program, which was authorized in the CARES Act to provide low-interest loans to mid-sized businesses. As of April 30, the agencies have indicated that nonprofits are not currently eligible for these loans, but have stated that they recognize “the critical role that nonprofit organizations play throughout the economy and [are] evaluating a separate approach to meet their unique needs.” Lutheran Services in America has written to the Federal Reserve Board, urging them to include nonprofits like our members in their next round of guidance, given that the law provides the authority to do so.

Lutheran Services in America Member Advocacy Helps Drive Support for Bipartisan Congressional Push for Nonprofit Relief

Lutheran Services in America members recently responded to our call to contact their lawmakers, urging them to sign bipartisan letters to both House and Senate leaders calling for nonprofits on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response effort to receive critical financial support in any future coronavirus legislation. In the House, the letter was signed by 144 Representatives, while the Senate letter garnered 29 signatures. Both letters, which Lutheran Services in America endorsed along with dozens of other leading nonprofit organizations, included two of our own key priorities as well as a request for strengthened charitable giving incentives.

Lutheran Services in America Spotlight

May is Older Americans Month. Lutheran Services in America members are more than living up to this year’s theme (“Make Your Mark”) every day they go to work, serving seniors during a pandemic in order to fulfill their year-round mission to ensure all seniors have the chance to live with purpose and meaning. With the support of several of our member organizations in the Midwest, we have greatly expanded our efforts to improve the lives of seniors through three innovative programs: the Great Plains Senior Services CollaborativeConnect-Home and LSA Senior Connect.




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