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Tuesday, December 8, 2020


COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution & Promotional Resources

We have heard interest from members of the Lutheran Services in America network in understanding how organizations are coordinating and promoting the COVID-19 vaccine to their residents and staff?  If you have developed any of these resources, please share with  

Free Online Consumer CV19 CheckUp

CV19 CheckUp is an online system developed to help Americans be safer, healthier, and ensure their individual needs are met during the pandemic. CV19 CheckUp asks users to complete an easy, quick, confidential questionnaire. A personalized report is immediately provided, outlining the user’s level of risk and offering recommendations and resources to reduce those risks. CV19 CheckUp employs artificial intelligence and data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Share it with your consumers and residents at



Department of Housing and Urban Development Funding

In July, HUD announced the initial request period for COVID-19 Supplemental Payments via the CARES Act.  Now, a new HUD notice establishes a second request window and updates the submission requirements. The filing deadline for multifamily housing owners is December 11, 2020 for expenses incurred through November 30; properties that did not receive payments for the earlier timeframe (March 27-July 31) may resubmit for that period as well.


For Community Service Providers of Basic Needs and Social Supports for Older Adults During Major Disasters

    • Continuity Basics and Preparedness Messaging
    • Preparedness Planning for Seniors
    • Disaster Mental Health Issues for Seniors
    • State Unit on Aging/Area Agency on Aging Case Studies
    • Discussion Modules

Advocacy Update

Growing momentum in Congress for passage of COVID-19 relief

A number of important members of Congress are pushing for a COVID-19 relief package in the wake of a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths, signs of a weakening economy, and President-elect Joe Biden calling for action now.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged that House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer offered a new relief proposal on Monday night but details of the package have not been released.  McConnell and Pelosi resumed talks on Thursday on how to reach a compromise.  Earlier in the week a bipartisan group of senators introduced a $908 billion relief package with spending that falls between the $2.2 trillion House and $500-600 billion Senate bills passed in the weeks leading up to the November 3rd election.  Mr. Biden is urging its passage, and Pelosi and Schumer are signaling that the measure could be a starting point for negotiations.  The legislation contains more modest unemployment benefits and state and local, school and other funding than the House has supported but more generous than the Senate would likely pass.  It is unclear how the package would address further relief under the Paycheck Protection Program.

Meanwhile, the December 11th deadline looms for Congress to fund the federal government or face a shutdown.  While unlikely, since it would complicate the must-pass spending measure, McConnell suggested on Tuesday that COVID-19 relief provisions could be part of the measure to keep the government open.

Today, we ask you to join us in an URGENT FINAL PUSH to send a message to your lawmakers: don't adjourn without passing legislation that includes significant, urgently needed financial relief for nonprofits. Click here for our NEW call to action to tell your members of Congress that you need relief now.

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