CEO Roundtable Aims to Revolutionize the way Poverty Reduction is Approached

Serving more than 100 million individuals combined, Leaders Identify Tangible Opportunities to Educate, Innovate and Act to Address the Needs and Realities of Our Time
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lutheran Services in America (LSA) convened with Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) and several of the nation's largest humanitarian organizations on February 14, 2014 for a CEO Roundtable that resulted in the discovery of opportunities to educate, innovate and act to reduce poverty in the United States based on the needs of our time.

LSA released the following statements on fighting poverty in 2014 upon conclusion of the meeting:

"Lutheran Services in America's members have been active in their communities, in some cases for more than 150 years, working to transform lives and communities. We're excited to have this opportunity to leverage our collective strength – we're all fighting poverty, in a myriad of ways, but to come together at the table gives us the ability to advance progress even further, and faster. LSA is the voice of Lutheran social ministry in the U.S., and now our voice is amplified ten-fold alongside our partners in the fight on poverty." said Charlotte Haberaecker, president and CEO of Lutheran Services in America (LSA ).

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