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National Media Gets Up Close and Personal with LSF Head Start

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Friday, April 12, 2019

LaTanya Wynn-Hall with NBC News

By LaTanya Wynn-Hall

You’ve heard the phrase “good news travels fast.” Lutheran Services Florida Duval Head Start has proof it’s true! After a New York Times article was published last month about the substantial changes applied to the Head Start program in Jacksonville, NBC Nightly News reached out to learn more about the improvements LSF has made since the former provider was stripped of its federal funding five years ago.

In the nearly two-minute news clip, award-winning journalist Rehema Ellis and her NBC crew followed a Head Start mother’s journey and spoke with Dr. Deborah Bergeron from the Office of Head Start and myself about what we do, how we do it, and the impact we see with the families we serve.

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure the Head Start program LSF runs is an integral and successful part of the social fabric of Duval County. LSF was able to become a rising Head Start star by making the following changes:

  • Increased funding 
  • More college-educated teachers (34 of its 35 lead teachers now have bachelor’s degrees, up from about two-thirds four years ago)
  • Better curriculum
  • Expanded services like offering a home visit program to parents of infants and toddlers

We couldn’t help but smile while watching our media guests hustle around the Don Brewer Center classroom — a place where great minds and hearts are nurtured.

LaTanya Wynn-Hall is the Executive Director of Duval Head Start at Lutheran Services Florida.


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