LSA Disability Network Advocacy

What We Believe

LSA-DN believes that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities should be full participants in the community with the right to determine where they live and work and how they contribute to society. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities should have a real choice about how and where they receive quality supports and services. This means the transformation of the Medicaid structure so that individuals are equally entitled to home and community-based services (HCBS) that meet their individual needs as they are now entitled to institutional care. It is not only the just thing to do, but it is cost effective and supported by the Olmstead Supreme Court decision.

Our Policy Priorities

  • Person-Centered Medicaid Reform
  • Protect and Strengthen Medicaid
  • Restructure Medicaid Funding

Our Vision for Long-term Services and Supports

Structure Medicaid so that supports and services are completely self-directed and in the appropriate setting of the person's choice within a sustainable funding framework.

  • Medicaid mandate would not be tied to setting. Individuals would be equally funded in a community-based or institutional setting as fiscally appropriate.
  • Supports and services would be based on functional need rather than diagnosis or age.

Our Social Values

Read LSA-DN's social values statement to learn more.

LSA-DN Policy and Advocacy Team (PAT)

PAT explores federal and state legislative and administrative issues that impact LSA-DN members and work on strategies that advance the network’s advocacy agenda.

Maureen Quinn Yamamoto, Government Relations Strategist at KenCrest, is the convener of the LSA-DN Policy and Advocacy Team. For further information about the PAT, contact Josh Dubensky, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for LSA-DN.

LSA-DN Culture and Engagement

Staffing is an enormous issue that impacts all LSA-DN members.  The root and cause for many of our shared staffing issues begins with Culture and Engagement.  Members share in roundtable discussions their efforts to address staffing issues. 

Eunice Timoney Ravenna, Chief Operating Officer at St. Joseph Home, is the convener of the Culture and Engagement Team. For further information about team, contact Josh Dubensky, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for LSA-DN.

Stay Connected with LSA-DN's Advocacy Work

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