2023 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

What Happens When
We Come Together

Dear members and partners—

Thank you for your generosity and for your support of Lutheran Services in America. Put simply, you make what we do possible.

The Lutheran Services in America network is community-centered, trusted and founded on our shared faith tradition of service in the community. Stepping into the gap where others can’t—or won’t—go is what social ministries do, and collectively our network members reach one in 50 people in America in over 1,400 communities. Proof that when we come together, good things happen—we can move mountains.

Let all that you do be done in love. (1 Cor 16:14)

Our strategy is rooted in our unique strength: taking action together. Through our learning communities, national network member and partner engagement and advocacy, we unite leaders: faith leaders, nonprofit leaders, industry leaders, policy makers, philanthropists, academics, healthcare professionals, individuals with lived expertise and others around a shared purpose.

Our mission statement reflects both this strategy and purpose:

Cultivating Caring Communities that Advance Health and Opportunity for All.
  • Working in community and in partnership permeates everything we do. We set a large table connecting people from all walks of life.
  • We advance health and opportunity in the broadest sense, taking what our faith tradition calls a whole-person approach to health.
  • We are here for all—and our work leaves no one out!

Throughout this 2023 report, we’ve highlighted how we continue to strengthen our shared future by growing leadership, catalyzing innovation and amplifying our united, faith-based voice—taking action together to advance health and opportunity for all.

We are deeply grateful for what each and every one of you brings to this work. Your support powers our mission.

This is what happens when we come together!

In peace,

Alesia Frerichs portrait

Alesia Frerichs

President & CEO
Lutheran Services in America
Colleen Frankenfield portrait

Colleen Frankenfield

President & CEO, Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey
Chairperson of the Board, Lutheran Services in America
What happens when we
come together
in Community and Partnership.

Lutheran Services in America brings together leaders to tackle issues that are critical to our communities. We do so by engaging a nationwide member and partner network, through our signature learning communities and through our unified voice in advocacy.

To achieve our mission:

Cultivate caring communities that advance health and opportunity for all.


collective capacity to lead and effect policy and systems change


innovation and collaboration for impact


a united, faith-based voice that shares solutions: what works, why and for whom.

Forbes logo

In 2023, Lutheran Services in America was identified by Forbes as the 19th largest charity in the U.S.

Our unique strength, our core strategy: taking action together.

With a national network of health and human service providers—300 nonprofit organizations across 1,400 U.S. communities working with over 6 million people — reaching one in 50 people in America —and over $26 billion in combined annual revenue, we

  • advance equitable outcomes for children, youth and families;
  • improve independence and choice for older adults;
  • champion meaningful services and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and
  • strengthen stability and purpose for veterans, refugees, New Americans and more.
What happens when we
come together
to Advance Health and Opportunity.

Our network’s strong tradition of using a whole-person approach leads to innovative solutions that address the multiple factors impacting health.

Launching the Housing Solutions Collaborative

Limited access to stable, safe, equitable and affordable housing is a national crisis. And it’s an issue that cuts across and impacts so many of our communities.

So, in 2023, we launched the Housing Solutions Collaborative, which draws on our network’s collective resources, expertise and national reach to lead innovative responses to the health and housing crisis.

Through the collaborative, our network members are addressing housing insecurity not just as a means to provide shelter, but also to ensure that residents are connected to the supportive services they need to thrive: food, social connection, transportation and mental health care, among other resources. Because it takes more than a house to thrive.

Through a partnership with the University of North Carolina, Family Health Centers at NYU Langone and the Weinberg Foundation, we are providing access to services and supports for 15,000 older adults in low income settings so they can remain in the homes and communities of their choice.

Nearly $2 billion in assets and portfolios in affordable housing... and growing... to expand housing supply.

Peer connection and expertise to share what works, why and for whom, elevation innovative solutions beyond shelter.

Physical health, mental health and housing are inextricably linked. To achieve equitable health outcomes, in addition to addressing health and behavioral needs, we must go further and include access to food, transportation and other services and supports.

These multiple factors drive as much as 80% of health outcomes.

"Housing insecurity is a part of every single program we have, whether working with refugees, with communities recovering from disaster or with older adults."

John Moeller, president and CEO of Inspiritus and Housing Solutions Collaborative member

Advancing enhanced care coordination

We are working to align health and social care for some of our most vulnerable communities. In 2023, we expanded partnerships with health stakeholders including payers, health systems and Medicaid experts towards aligned action. Opportunities to strengthen partnerships include identifying common community needs, exploring diverse payment models and leveraging data.

Members in Action: Health and Housing

Across the Lutheran Services in America network, members are tackling the national crisis of housing insecurity among older adults. Read how LSA member, Lutheran Senior Services (LSS), headquartered in St. Louis, is expanding their affordable housing footprint.

What happens when we
come together
for All.

All across the network, our work leaves no one out, whether it is strengthening families, supporting older adults or creating pathways for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Results Innovation Lab is GROWING

In the Results Innovation Lab, we bring together providers, families, policy makers, healthcare professionals, national partners and others to spearhead innovative approaches to change when and how we engage families in crisis and create pathways to keep families together. In 2023 we launched several new programs.

In 2023 the Lab reached 8,898 children and families across the U.S., bringing our total since inception to 36,280.

Unlocking the power of lived expertise

When we listen, support and value people with lived expertise we can authentically uncover and unlock new ways of thinking. In 2023, our Lived Expertise Convening, an extension of the Results Innovation Lab, engaged grassroots partners, advocates and practitioners to center and strengthen our work with families and communities by centering lived expertise. Hear Grace and others share their experience.

In November, we gathered nearly 70 participants for a day-and-a-half convening, Unlocking the Power of Lived Expertise. The event brought together people from all walks of life: committed change-makers, community leaders, parents, youth, clergy, policymakers and academics from across the country to listen to and learn from families experiencing poverty, housing insecurity, community violence and other challenges.

Grace Araya portrait

"Lived expertise is powerful and an essential ingredient when we are working towards better outcomes."

Grace Araya, president and CEO, Concordia Place

The majority of children removed from their families are removed for neglect, which is most often a symptom of poverty.

New initiative: Faith, families and community partnerships

This collaboration between our Results Innovation Lab and ELCA World Hunger unites people with lived expertise, human services professionals, people of faith and policymakers to help stabilize families and reduce the need for foster care.

Elevating a diversity of voices with lived expertise to inform and advance policy and system changes to improve equity.

Convening cross-sector stakeholders and communities to learn together and take action.

Developing resources to build a broader base of support for family stabilization.

members taking action in the results innovation lab

decrease in the number of Black youth in care for more than 24 months, achieved by Lutheran Social Services of New York.
improvement in the number of foster youth returning home to live with their biological families, achieved by Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois.

Peer support groups implemented for adolescents and fathers, by Gemma Services.

12 Illinois child welfare organizations formed a powerful alliance highlighting the importance of collaboration.

Advancing Race Equity and Sharing Best Practices

To continue our tradition of sharing what works, why and for whom, in 2023 LSA partnered with Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago to create the Family Stabilization Initiative Sustainability ToolkitThis toolkit operationalizes Lutheran Services in America’s signature learning collaborative model and provides social sector leaders with a resource for applying race equity and sustainability best practices in their work.

Family Stabilization Initiative graphic

"It has operationalized ways in which we look at equity. Equity shows up in the work we do and that it is really critical to examine those voices and integrate them into the work."

⎼ Participant feedback, Wilder Foundation report

Mobilizing rural communities to empower older adults and caregivers

Built on our signature collaborative learning and action model and with an emphasis on whole-person care, the innovative Rural Aging Action Network seeds partnership and aligned action in community-led approaches to support aging in rural and frontier communities. In 2023, network members helped address existing gaps in care, such as affordable food, transportation, navigating health care and benefits eligibility and emerging gaps such as legal and translation assistance.

Explore our new video series and learn more about the people working together to improve the lives of older adults in America.

21 rural health leaders improved capacity in 6 communities.

388 older adults connected to 1,001 services by leveraging 1,081 assets and mobilizing 306 community partners.

The RAAN model has been recognized for its innovation and impact by The Commonwealth Fund, LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston, Grantmakers in Aging and the National Council on Aging.

1 in 4
older adults live in a rural community or small town (11 million).
1 in 5
rural residents are older adults.

"This focus on empowerment, dignity and intentional connection has transformed the traditional deficit-based assessment process and nurtured a sense of community and self-respect among participants."

Emily Dieppa, vice president of Workforce Innovations, PHI

Championing Meaningful Improvements for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Disability Network engages 15 network members in three areas of focus including policy/advocacy, culture and engagement, and innovation. Together, we explored the latest research in workforce trends to support people with disabilities, along with innovations in technology to provide opportunities for greater independence. With a unified voice, we engaged leaders in purposeful conversation including with elected decision makers to shape and advance legislation.  For example, our efforts paved the way in professionalizing the role of the direct care workforce to ensure greater recognition and understanding of their unique role in meeting the needs of people with disabilities.

Engaged national leaders from the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the White House and federal agencies to inform future disability policy.

“The Lutheran Services of America Disability Network elevates disability awareness, policymaker education and funding. We value our membership and the doors it opens for us in D.C.”

Cheryl A. Wicks, Mosaic

What happens when we
come together
with a Faith-based Voice.

With our office just steps from the U.S. Capitol, we ensure the voice of one of the largest faith-based networks is amplified in the national conversation.

Strengthening the Voice of Lutheran Services in America in Washington, DC

Our public policy and advocacy work enables our network members to share the important role social ministries have in their communities. Our efforts aim to strengthen congressional and administration support for policies and funding that improve the health and well-being of people with a focus on improving access to care—advancing health and opportunity for all. In 2023:

  • 248 meetings led with lawmakers and coalitions.
  • 300 health and human services organizations.
  • 1,400 communities represented by 147 representatives and 92 senators.
  • Ongoing advocacy to strengthen access to care by addressing the proposed Minimum Staffing Rule for Skilled Nursing Facilities.
  • Work to broaden the workforce pipeline in direct care: increasing recruitment and training and fortifying existing staff.
  • Efforts to strengthen access to housing with supports and services, including behavioral health.

Rural Aging Policy Roundtable

In 2023, we hosted 15 network members from 12 states for the opportunity to engage with the White House Domestic Policy Council to share feedback on critical health and aging policy issues. We also launched our Rural Aging Policy Priorities, which will amplify our work of championing older adults and caregivers by advocating for policies and funding that meet their unique needs aging in rural communities.

What Happens

We enter 2024 with continued energy and joy in the profound work the LSA network is making possible. What are we particularly excited about?


  • Expanding efforts to enhance care coordination and alignment to address whole person health.
  • Building on current successes and continuing to strengthen community-centered approaches to ensure choice and independence for older adults aging in rural communities.
  • Increase influence to guide and inform decision makers to ensure our trusted, community-centered, faith-based perspective is shared and informs debates.


  • Deepening partnerships with health/behavioral health systems and providers, social service organizations, payers, community-based non-profits, policymakers, people with lived expertise and other key stakeholders to improve health outcomes.
  • Harnessing the expertise and insights of our network to inform relevant policy issues with an increased focus on Medicaid, Housing and Access to Care.


  • Further centering lived expertise as part of the Results Innovation Lab to improved capacity to advance policy and systems change towards improved outcomes in child welfare.
  • Strengthening the capacity of LSA network members to effectively engage in advocacy efforts to amplify our faith-based voice.
Thank you for making all this possible.
Continue your support.
Strengthen your partnership with us.
Share the news.

Thanks & acknowledgments

In Gratitude

We gratefully acknowledge financial contributions from our friends and partners whose generosity makes our mission possible.


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Board of Directors

July 2023 – June 2024


Colleen Frankenfield
President & CEO,
Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey

Vice Chairperson

Eric Gurley
President & CEO,


Dr. Kristen Gay
President & CEO,
Gemma Services


William Anderson
Vice President & Worldwide Director (Ret.),
Rohm and Haas Company
David Duea
President & CEO,
Lutheran Community Services Northwest
Jane Isaacs Lowe
Foundation Program Director (Ret.)
Rev. Barbara Lund
Sr. Director of Operations and Innovation,
Service and Justice Home Area Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Dr. Antoniop M. Oftelie
Executive Director of Leadership for a Networked World,
Harvard University
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Self-employed Consultant
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Managing Director,
Elizabeth Sullivan
Managing Director, (Ret.)
Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies
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President & CEO (Ret.),
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President & CEO,
St. John's United