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America’s Silent Heroes

June 10, 2020

A dark cloud of fear and uncertainty looms over our nation as our friends, family, and neighbors lose their income, their food security, and are forced to self-isolate in an attempt to avoid illness. We turn on the news, and day after day the same message is echoed. An invisible, virulent, and deadly virus is circulating the country and while precautions are in place, people are still being affected in vast numbers. Instead of hearing about any of the good that is happening in the country, our attention seems to be directed toward the negative. But there is good news! Hundreds of faithful people at Lutheran social ministry organizations across the nation are still going to work every day to help.

While the enemy we fight is invisible, these heroes are not. Presence in our communities is needed now more than ever, and LSA and our member organizations recognize that and are answering the call. As part of our mission to bring awareness to all the great work that our members have been doing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, LSA has been publishing daily stories highlighting the unsung Front Line Heroes who are selflessly serving their communities. Our senior care nurses, social workers, physical therapists, case managers and so many more who, despite receiving little to no praise, are on the front lines fighting to protect and serve our most vulnerable populations.

If you take the time to read through all of the stories posted on the LSA blog you would be baffled by all of the amazing work these organizations are doing and the impact they are making throughout the country. What is even more shocking is how difficult it is to find a single story that highlights any of their great work in the mainstream media. Despite receiving little recognition, these organizations are sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the people they serve.

Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota is providing translation services at COVID-19 testing sites to remove the language barrier and ensure everyone has access to care. Luther Home of Mercy is streaming religious services for their residents as a way for them to grow and heal spiritually. Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota is providing daily dial-in support groups as a resource to fight social isolation. Lutheran Senior Life delivered over 10,000 meals to their community in the span of five weeks and Lutheran Social Services of Nevada expanded its DigiMart food pantry from 750 square feet to 3,058 square feet to help the growing number of people in their community who are facing food insecurity. These are just 5 out of the 50+ stories we have shared over the past few months and there are many more to come.

So, we ask you to take the time to thank those working in senior services who are putting themselves and their families at risk in order to protect the older adult population. We ask you to share the stories of those serving our children, youth and families who are working tirelessly to ensure that every child they serve is safe, healthy, and able to reach their full potential. Lastly, we ask that, if you are able to, donate some of your time, funds or food to those providing shelter and nourishment for the people who are struggling through these troubling times.

At LSA, we plan to continue our effort to recognize these heroes and show appreciation for all the amazing work they do. If you believe in the brave work that these front line workers are providing, we ask you to join us as we continue to work toward our vision of transforming the lives of the people and communities that our members so selflessly serve.