Caregivers: Recognizing the Important Role of our Nation’s Hidden Heroes

By: Ashley Washington

February 17, 2023

As we commemorate National Caregivers Day, it’s important to recognize the complicated journey of caregiving: a role that is incredibly gratifying and simultaneously arduous. Support and resources are available to help tackle these seismic responsibilities.

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Resource Groups Create Inclusion, Engagement, and a Sense of Belonging

February 9, 2023

By: Tommie Lewis, Make It Plain Consulting

ERGs are employee-led and agency-approved networks of employees that bring innovative recruitment strategies, employee engagement solutions and professional development topics to the forefront of organizational thinking. This diversity of thought provides human resource departments and other departments with valued insights into the unique interests, challenges and benefits of diverse pools of talent.

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CDC Updates COVID Guidance and a Look Ahead at the 118th Congress

December 19, 2022

By: Sarah Dobson

The CDC published an updated set of guidance for COVID-19 that rolls back some of the previously more stringent recommendations and requirements. Meanwhile, we anticipate forward movement on bills related to important issues for our network from the incoming Congress.

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Reflections: In gratitude for all that you do

November 21, 2022

By: Charlotte Haberaecker, President and CEO, Lutheran Services in America

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Charlotte shares her reflections that she launched at the start of the pandemic to connect with our remarkable member CEOs during a dark and uncertain time.

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Offering Choice and Affordability of Benefits is an Art and a Science

November 16, 2022

By: Portico Benefit Services

A comprehensive benefits package remains one of the greatest tools for attracting and retaining quality employees. Offering a mix of health plan coverage options can help you more effectively meet the needs of employees, and it doesn’t have to cost more.

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