Bipartisan Report Recognizes Importance of Nonprofits in Public Health

May 31, 2022

The Bipartisan Policy Center released a report in December 2021 that outlines a five-year plan for building a more equitable and sustainable public health system in the United States. Lutheran Services in America president and CEO Charlotte Haberaecker served as a member of a 14-person task force that shaped the report’s recommendations.

The report, “Public Health Forward: Modernizing the U.S. Public Health System,” recognizes the important role community-based organizations play within underserved communities and encourages policymakers and health departments to build long-term partnerships with nonprofits to advance health equity in these areas.
The report sets a vision for the United States that can respond effectively to public health challenges while ensuring the well-being of every person in America.

Watch the release event for the report.