Children, Youth and Families


Our children are our future. We and our national network of member organizations care passionately about working with children, youth and their families to help ensure young people can reach their full potential and lead safe, healthy and productive lives.

With more than 100 member organizations from our national network, serving children, youth and families in 43 states, the Lutheran Services in America network plays a dominant role in child welfare issues and initiatives. Our member network provides a broad range of needed services ranging from foster care, adoption, counseling, and safe housing, to health care, mental health care, early childhood education, alternatives to detention, Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM) foster care programs, and programs for youth aging out of foster care.

We believe that in the interest of children, their families and our nation as a whole, we need to be viewing solutions today through an entirely different lens, one that better fits modern challenges and realities, and one that makes us better able to truly equip and prepare children to be the successful adults they have such enormous potential to become. In so doing, we have the huge opportunity to see that our collective efforts result in equitable outcomes for all youth, and opportunities to grow to be healthy, productive adults – regardless of where they were born, their parents’ income, their gender, the color of their skin, or their ZIP code.

Results Innovation Lab

A prime example of how this is being achieved comes from our Results Innovation Lab, dedicated to strengthening families to stay together or, if that isn’t possible, helping ensure children and youth are safe and connected to their communities, schools, jobs and families.

To learn more about the Results Innovation Lab and recent related successes in numerous states, visit here.

CYF Resources

Additional Children, Youth & Family resources can be found here (access restricted to CYF members). Please contact Alesia Frerichs for access.

Resources include:

  • All prior CYF Update e-newsletters
  • Family First Act resources and webinars
  • Recorded Lutheran Services in America webinars on topics such as program evaluation, multiple evidence-based practice models, accreditation, and more
  • Results-Based Leadership tools, videos, handouts, and more

Upcoming CYF Events

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Our Partners

Gifts and grants from foundations, corporations and individuals fund Lutheran Services in America’s Results Innovation Lab. We gratefully acknowledge the following friends and partners whose generosity fuels our goal to achieve equitable outcomes for 20,000 children and families made vulnerable in the U.S. by 2024.