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STRENGTH & SERVICE SERIES Advancing Equity: Applying Healing-centered Engagement to your Leadership Practice

  • July 24, 2024

1:00–3:30 p.m. ET

Register today for each workshop session.

A four-part Strength & Service Series virtual workshop.

You are invited: Join us for a new four-part series hosted through the Faith, Families and Community Partnerships Initiative — a collaboration between Lutheran Services in America and ELCA World Hunger. Built on the seminal work of scholar and practitioner Dr. Shawn Ginwright, our expert facilitators, Dr. Denicia Carlay and Shannon Scott, will guide us through the practice of healing-centered engagement. The workshop series is designed to support the application of the practice through the four dimensions or “pivots” necessary in our work to improve outcomes for children, youth, families and communities.

Who Should Attend and Why?

This workshop series is designed to support staff at any level of leadership in applying healing-centered engagement in their work. In the words of Dr. Ginwright, it takes practitioners beyond trauma-informed care responses to a “more holistic approach to fostering well-being.” Additionally, it recognizes the ways in which “trauma and healing are experienced collectively” to support improved well-being for families and communities.

Series Overview 

Each workshop will address one of the “Four Pivots” and will include interactive activities that strengthen the ability to apply the practice in our respective work and efforts, through a safe and collegial peer-to-peer environment. The workshops will also include group reflection, along with the engagement of outside experts and perspectives. The Four Pivots include:

  • Pivot 1—Presence: Cultivating mindfulness and intentionality in your actions and interactions.
  • Pivot 2—Awareness: Fostering self-awareness and reflection to better understand yourself and others.
  • Pivot 3—Vision: Embracing possibility, unleashing creativity, and innovation.
  • Pivot 4—Connection: Moving to transformative relationships that foster growth and empowerment.

Register Today!

Register today for each workshop session and join peers on this journey to understanding and applying healing-centered engagement!

Session #1: Presence

Held on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 (recording available below)

Session #2: Awareness (feat. the National Indian Child Welfare Association)

1:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Most non-American Indian / Alaska Native people educated in the United States are not familiar with the overt government policy goals and practices that formed the basis of the hundreds of years of forced assimilation of Native peoples, including systemic, widespread removal of Native children from their families and communities. Corporations and the nonprofit sector were also contributors to and active participants in colonization and the implementation of federal Indian policy.

Learning about the strategic intent and milestones of these policies and their impacts on Native children, their families, and tribal nations is an important step towards understanding the structural change necessary to truly embrace tribal sovereignty, honor tribal self-determination, and support community healing. Beyond employing this structural analysis lens, “mirror work” will also allow us to “get underneath the hood” as Dr. Shawn Ginwright says, “and explore our motivations, fears, dreams, and insecurities with a sense of curiosity.”

Session #3: Vision (feat. the Frameworks Institute)

1:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday, September 18, 2024 

Session #4: Connection

1:00 – 3:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday, December 11, 2024 

Workshop Series Facilitators

Dr. Denicia Carlay currently serves as co-founder and co-CEO of Village is Possible. Denicia is a community healer, complex trauma survivor, scholar, practitioner, and village keeper. Denicia roots her practice in love and restoration of inner light. She specializes in embodied, healing centered engagement with children, youth, and families. Denicia has served foster care and juvenile justice impacted youth in various capacities as a social worker, consultant, clinician, and facilitator in the field of child welfare for 16 years. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership in social justice, licensure in clinical social work, and pupil personnel services credential, but with all these degrees and things Denicia just hopes to someday be the “hood mama” for her entire village and anyone in need of community.

Shannon Scott is the founder of Our Lived Experience (OLE) and J8 Consulting. Her experience includes both U.S.-based and international not-for-profits. Shannon began her career in education as a teacher with Teach For America and continued her work in education reform in the Teach For All network. She was the founding Leadership Development Officer at Teach For Malaysia and launched the first leadership development continuum for Teach For America’s work in the Mississippi Delta. For the last six years, she’s run a national leadership development fellowship in child welfare, working in 15 different states, DC, and Puerto Rico. Shannon deeply values adult learning and leadership development.


Session #1: Presence

Wednesday, March 20, 2024