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Innovative Care for Residents, Support for Selfless Workers are Perpetual Priorities at Aase Haugen

July 7, 2021

Science shows that embracing practices that relax the mind as well as the body has long-lasting positive effects as we age. Integrative approaches are beneficial for promoting good health and well-being, while also making people happier in their lives.

Nurturing the mind, body and soul is the mantra for Aase Haugen Senior Services in Decorah, Iowa. At Aase Haugen, a stress-free environment is key to healthy living and is the basis for its flexible system of care. This continuing care retirement community prides itself on offering innovative solutions for senior living and specialized care for recovery, long-term nursing, and other areas.

Aase Haugen also maintains an eye on the well-being of its staff, especially during these challenging times. The services that skilled nursing professionals provide on a regular basis are an irreplaceable facet of the lives of many older adults. To show its gratitude, Aase Haugen and three other local nursing homes met with the Winneshiek County Board of Supervisors during “National Skilled Nursing Care Week” to advocate for support for their dedicated workers.

Aase Haugen Senior Services is a member of Lutheran Services in America, a network of 300 health and human service organizations located in more than 1,400 communities across the United States. Together, the network makes a difference in the lives of one in 50 Americans every year.

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By Christopher Findlay, Senior Marketing Manager