Results Innovation Lab

A dynamic part of our ongoing Children, Youth & Families initiative, Results Innovation Lab empowers providers to lead collaborative efforts with a wider variety of partners in their communities, eliminates silos too often found in standard practices of today’s service systems and programs, and activates all stakeholders toward a common goal — dramatically improving the trajectory of 20,000 vulnerable children in America by 2024.

Our member organizations from our national network that participate in the Lab work to strengthen families to stay together or, if that isn’t possible, help ensure children and youth are safe and connected to their communities, schools, jobs and families, and are able to lead safe, healthy and productive lives. Numerous successes in several states already have been delivered, and by becoming a national model, Results Innovation Lab has the potential to make a life-defining difference in the lives of exponentially more children and youth throughout America.



The Results Innovation Lab includes three initiatives aimed at helping people thrive: the Results Network, the Congregate Care Initiative, and the Family Stabilization Initiative.

A Moonshot Goal to Better the Odds for Children, Youth and Families

You can be a part of something lifechanging for thousands of America’s children and youth. Join us in achieving our Moonshot Goal to dramatically improve the trajectory of the lives of 20,000 vulnerable children in America by 2024. Every day, over 430,000 youth in foster care who possess boundless potential still face barriers when it comes to growing and thriving. Lutheran social ministries work tirelessly to empower over 40,000 children and families on a daily basis. They strive to keep children and families together and, when that’s not possible, to ensure children are safe and remain connected to their community, school, jobs, and families. To ensure that children are able to lead safe, healthy and productive lives, we need collaboration and action to reach a new level.

With generous philanthropic support from friends and partners, we have changed the status quo and achieved measurable improvement in the lives of 4,000 children and youth. As just one example, through innovative approaches incubated in our Lab, high school graduation rates for foster youth increased in Colorado, and over 700 youth of color avoided re-arrest in South Dakota. Results like these not only help youths themselves, but the communities surrounding them.

To build on our early success and achieve our Moonshot Goal of improving the life trajectory of 20,000 children, we are expanding the results-based leadership work we’ve done so far. Results-based leadership provides a framework and tools for leaders and partners to align their actions to have greater impact, and more equitable outcomes for the populations they serve. The formation of partnerships between Lutheran social ministries and stakeholders at the local and national level is crucial. The innovative group learning model we use challenges participants to develop new approaches and engage a variety of community partners at the local level such as school districts, child welfare agencies, police departments, local churches, families, and youth themselves. At the national level, Lutheran Services in America is engaging a diversity of stakeholders to mobilize the scope and scale of our network and create brighter futures for children and their families. 

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