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Today’s Front Line Hero: Advocate Aurora Health

May 26, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Advocate Aurora Health for their research contributions, adding to academic knowledge about the novel COVID-19 virus.

A team of 5 cardiac sonographers at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center have been working on the front lines during COVID-19, and recognized that ICU procedures to detect impacts of the virus on the heart were inefficient. The team started investigating how the virus affects the heart by personally scanning patients in the COVID-19 ICU. They developed an innovative new procedure that is more targeted, and more accurately identifies deadly symptoms. The new procedure collects better patient data faster, improving patient care and limiting the exposure of caregivers. The Advocate team published their findings, and are writing the worldwide standard for treating COVID-19 patients with cardiac systems.

Advocate Aurora Health researchers are also contributing to efforts to better understand COVID-19 outcomes for cancer patients. An Advocate researcher co-authored a recent study, and will release early data on outcomes for cancer patients at the upcoming virtual American Society of Clinical Oncology conference. The consortium of cancer researchers crowdsourced the data, allowing for speed in releasing the results of the study.

Thank you to Advocate Aurora Health for your dedication to serving patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for your work contributing to the global understanding of the novel virus.