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Today’s Front Line Hero: Village On The Isle

April 30, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Village On The Isle for their commitment to keeping residents safe and maintaining transparency with the community.

There has been increasing public pressure for transparency regarding COVID-19 cases in long-term care facilities. In response, the Florida Department of Health recently published a list of facilities that had reported COVID-19 cases. Unfortunately, when people see a facility’s name on the list, they fear the worst. Some long-term care facilities that made the department’s COVID-19 list have only had one positive COVID-19 case in their facility, and are following all the appropriate protocols to keep their residents and staff safe.

Village On The Isle (VOTI) is a large retirement community in Venice, Florida, with 450 residents and 300 employees. VOTI quickly implemented CDC guidelines when the COVID-19 outbreak began, and welcomed the increased scrutiny of long-term care facilities. CEO Joel Anderson was confident in their efforts to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak within the community, and said the staff transitioned quickly to the necessary protocols. Their team has been delivering all meals to residents and helping with grocery and medication deliveries.

Recent COVID-19 surveillance efforts in Florida show a very small percentage of COVID-19 cases in all assisted living and nursing homes statewide, demonstrating how diligently staff have worked to keep residents safe from the virus.

Thank you to Village On The Isle for your commitment to keeping your residents safe!