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Today’s Frontline Hero: Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries (ALSM) in Altoona, PA

March 24, 2020

Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries (ALSM) in Altoona, PA is coming up with creative ways to keep their community connected to their important work. Their dedicated team has asked community members to make homemade masks out of fabric and, according to President and CEO Pat Savage, ALSM has received an outpouring of generosity! People from far and wide have donated masks to all three of ALSM’s campuses, helping protect the healthcare workers and those they serve. Individuals from the Altoona Community Theatre even switched their efforts from making costumes to making masks.

In addition to the masks, ALSM residents are receiving letters and artwork from children who are home from school. This demonstration of love and support from ALSM’s community is lifting spirits and connecting people, despite physical social distancing. To keep residents in contact with their loved ones, staff members at the Lutheran Homes are coordinating FaceTime and Skype calls. One of the residents was overjoyed to hear her son’s voice and to be able to tell him, “I love you!”

We are proud to recognize Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries’ excellent work, as well as their generous community!