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STRENGTH & SERVICE SERIES Understanding the Impact of Systemic Racism on Black Families

  • April 16, 2021

Racism is woven into our institutions and systems and produces far-reaching disparate outcomes for people of color. Throughout American history there have been many forces that have actively destabilized black and brown families. Slavery, mass incarceration, the school to prison pipeline, and poverty are some of the many examples of policies and practices that have actively separated parents from their children and children from their families. The trauma that systemic racism causes is at the personal, community, and economic level, and can last for generations. Yet, despite all of this, Black families have found strength and built supportive communities. In the last year, renewed calls for racial justice brought increased public awareness of systemic racism in American society. Please join us for this captivating, original presentation by Dr. Harry Singleton on the historical and cyclical impact that systemic racism has on children, families, and communities of color, and the considerations we as faith-based organizations must make if we are to disrupt its cycle. Dr. Harry Singleton is a theologian, author, and one of the most passionate and informed voices on race and religion in America. For over twenty years, he has made numerous television, radio, and podcast appearances to share his expertise on topics ranging from state and national politics to the social and religious legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and to the role of religion in the twenty-first century. He is the author of several articles published in national and international journals and is also the author of three books, “Black Theology and Ideology,” “White Religion and Black Humanity,” and “Divine Revelation and Human Liberation.” He has just completed work on a fourth book tentatively titled “Forever in Thy Path: The Liberating God” to be released later this year, and currently teaches in the African American Studies Program at the University of South Carolina. For more information about Dr. Singleton, please visit his website, www.harrysingleton.com.