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House Committee Approves Increase in Unemployment Reimbursement in Draft Legislation

February 17, 2021

Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee held hearings to consider and revise its portion of the next COVID relief package (known collectively as the “American Rescue Plan.”) Committee members amended the original version of the bill to expand to 75 percent (from 50 percent) an existing CARES Act subsidy for costs incurred by employers who provide unemployment benefits on a reimbursable basis, as well as retaining an extension of the expiration date through August 29. The original language merely extended the expiration date of the program.

While this is a step in the right direction, Lutheran Services in America and our network continue to advocate for a 100 percent reimbursement for self-funded nonprofits. The bill is currently being finalized in the House, where a vote is expected around February 26.  Senate consideration will follow.

Join us in urging lawmakers to support this provision, and to further expand the program going forward.

By Sarah Dobson, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy