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Today’s Front Line Hero: Wellspring Lutheran Services

May 7, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Wellspring Lutheran Services, which is celebrating National Nurses Week, and honoring the hard work of front line nursing home staff.

Wellspring Lutheran Services supports members of its community in Michigan from childhood through end of life, and is committed to a “whole-person approach” to that care. Wellspring’s senior services include independent living, assisted living, memory care, long-term care, and affordable housing, and they aim to share hope and demonstrate respect for senior adults in all of those services.

This week, Wellspring is celebrating National Nurses Week, and especially honoring the hard work of the front line staff in senior services. Wellspring released this video to recognize the front line workers in senior services, and open a dialogue about the treatment of nursing home workers in the media and society. In addition to the video, Wellspring is launching a social media campaign to raise awareness of this issue, using #invisibleandessential.

The video reminds viewers of the Christian call to honor the elderly, and identifies front line nursing home workers as those who are faithfully serving the elderly in society. These workers are “holding a hand late at night,” and “praying at the bedside” when families are not allowed to visit due to COVID-19, and ensuring that no one is alone during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, these front line nursing home workers have little support. Wellspring calls on policy makers to support front line heroes in nursing homes with funding and resources, and calls on society to honor and respect elders by honoring those who serve them.

Thank you to Wellspring Lutheran Services for recognizing the importance of front line nursing home workers, and for your efforts to change the narrative so those workers can receive the support they need to continue faithfully caring for the elderly in society.